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ADMECO AG celebrates its 30th birthday this year.

The company evolved from the AlloPro AG, from 1968 to 1983 a manufacturer of artificial joints. Together with the latter´s customers, Pierre van den Wildenberg, founder of ADMECO AG, developed laminar flow booths to permit the implantation of prostheses under clean conditions. Observations and experiences in this field moved Pierre van den Wildenberg to develop better operating theatres than the ones he frequently encountered. Since 1984, ADMECO AG has produced concepts and products for state-of-the-art operating theatres, recovery rooms, intensive care units and private surgeries.

 Originally a company dealing with ventilation and climate control in operating theatres, ADMECO AG now has 31 employees. For almost 30 years, the originally Dutch (but now Swiss) engineer has shaped the company. He studied mechanical engineering in Eindhoven NL and with his family moved to Switzerland as long ago as 1973.

 In 2002, his son Jelle van den Wildenberg joined the company and took over its management together with Cristiano Benini. To this day, Pierre van den Wildenberg still holds the position of President of the Board of Directors and remains actively involved in product development. The company´s headquarters are in Hochdorf, Switzerland. The company has six employees in Germany.

The only supplier in the world

The last 30 years have not just seen changes in management, but also continuous adaptations in all sections of the company. The first laminar flow booths were delivered in 1984. Since then, the company´s product portfolio has been continuously improved without a break. LUX surgical lights were soon added to the range. In parallel developed were the sections MED for of energy supply bridges for operating theatres and AREA for operating theatre concepts. These days, the ADMECO product range is known as one of the most comprehensive in the industry. For example, from 1984 to the present, the company continues to be the only supplier in the world to offer OT ventilation systems, surgical lights and energy support bridges developed and produced in-house.

Perfect size

"Out company has an ideal size," both managing directors agree. Thirty-one employees share 27 full-time jobs. "The best proofs of our great working conditions are our employees. Some of them have been with us for more than 20 years", explains Cristiano Benini. This had also led to a lot of knowledge being accumulated, a priceless asset, especially in the construction of operating theatres across the world. The company has a large archive and kept many plans. In addition, its employees had gained a lot of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

Project-oriented organisational structure

A company turning thirty is a good time to look to the future. Jelle van den Wildenberg and Cristiano Benini look forward with optimism. "With partnerships across the globe and a unique operating theatre concept unmatched anywhere in the world, we are well prepared for all challenges," Jelle van den Wildenberg is convinced. "Our company has a lean, project-oriented organisational structure with flat hierarchies. This leads to short communication paths within the company and the fastest possible clarification of technical questions. A lively exchange of information and knowledge between all employees in the various departments thus results in the best possible outcomes for customers. This, together with our current production, is our strength which lets us face the future with confidence."

The company´s birthday will be celebrated in September. All employees will toast this special birthday on a company outing to Western Switzerland. To mark this anniversary, the company has treated itself to a new homepage. 

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30th birthday!

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