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Multiple operating room opened in Muret, France

The new operating theatres are officially open

Clinique d'Occitanie, Muret, France

In spring 2016, after almost two years of construction, the new medical centre of excellence in the Clinique d’Occitanie in Muret is open. In addition to a general modernisation of the hospital in the south of France, ten new operating theatres are also now in use.

In the new surgical unit in Muret a streamlined system of multiple operating rooms has been created for the first time. 4 of the 10 new operating theatres have been joined together to form an open-plan multiple operating room. “The Clinique d’Occitanie does not want to cut down on doctors, but to join expertise,” explains Cristiano Benini, the sales director at ADMECO. He is pleased that the new theatres are entirely fitted out with the most innovative medical technology from ADMECO, “with this cost-efficient, highly sophisticated technological solution a milestone for the future of operating theatre construction has been laid”.

20 million Euro have been invested in modernising, among other things, the Clinique d’Occitanie’s operating theatres and outpatients’ department. The renovation has meant significant improvements for both staff and patients alike.

FR-Muret, Clinique d'Occitanie Focus on FR-Muret, Clinique d'Occitanie (ESC key to close)
FR-Muret, Clinique d'Occitanie

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