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Recirculation air unit ULG with turbulent mixing ventilation


Even operations with a lower infection risk place an increased demand on the room air quality. The ADMECO recirculation air unit ULG with EC fans ensures an intensive flushing of the operating theatre and reduces the concentration of harmful substances in the operating theatre with the usual reliability and energy efficiency, but without a defined protection area. By using two or more units the unique redundancy regulation ensures complete operational  safety at all times.

Ultraclean air is streamed in turbulently and draft-free from the ceiling via H14 high-efficiency particulate filters into the operating theatre and generally aspirated away close to floor level. In the process, the room air is mixed with the filtered air, and in this way the airborne bacteria level is reduced to the desired minimum.

Costs & energy

Cost limitation and environmental protection are core concerns of ADMECO. With the ULG recirculating air unit, the effort to reduce energy consumption and costs has been intensified even further. The reduced space requirements for air channels, the smaller flow regulators and fire protection flaps as well as the lower proportion of fresh air lead to lower investment costs and to an exemplary energy consumption.

Equipped with three operation modes (Off - Normal - Flush) it is possible to achieve a very short recovery time between two interventions and make the operation theatre available for use again more quickly.


• Maximum air recirculation 2500 m3/h per unit in flushing operation

• Fresh air quantity 400 – 900 m3/h per unit

• Acoustic power level < 45 dB(A)

• Pressure loss from 60 Pa

• Adjustable exhaust direction

• Redundancy and fresh air compensation with 2 or more units

• 3 operating modes (Off - Normal - Flushing)

• Small fans consuming ca. 75 W per 600 m3/h

• H14 standard filter

• Height only 450 mm

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